Question: You can’t. Any attempt to bury money to conceal is always fraught with risks. You can minimize the risks of the money becoming moldy, ruined or discovered by other parties by: 1.

Hide Money From An Abusive Spouse - Live Safely Your friend can also get a safety deposit box to hide valuables or even more money. Although you're technically not supposed to, these are extenuating circumstances. Get your employer to help. If your employer is someone who can be trusted, they can cash some of your checks for you. Cash your checks so they are untraceable. If you get paid by How to Hide Money From Spouse or Wife How to Hide Money From Spouse-Wife. Ethics aside, if the writing’s on the wall, then now is the time to hide money from your spouse-wife. Once papers have been filed, you may be breaking the law by hiding money and assets. No ethical attorney will help you and risk their license by making known false representations of your assets to the court. Over 60 Places to Hide Valuables in Your Home - Live Safely Jul 12, 2020

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