Apr 26, 2017 · You’ll find yourself in the proxy server settings. This window contains all the settings Windows 10 offers for a proxy server. You have a few options here; if you have a script to automatically set up your proxy, you can enter it by clicking “Use setup script,” then enter the location of the proxy setup script into the box.

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Jan 14, 2020 · Set-InternetPro xy : Enable proxy with PowerShell Here is a PowerShell function to SET the HTTP proxy server's address and port with optional parameter to set the Automatic Configuration Script. The input of the CmdLet has two input parameters -proxy which would set the proxy server details and -acs for the Auto Config Script.

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Install and Configure Web Application Proxy on Windows Server 2016 Below we may get step-by-step screenshots, Step 1 - Verify and ensure appropriate IP addresses are assigned to all required fields.

How to Set Up a Proxy Server on Windows 10 (Native Method