What We Offer. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that enables everybody to use the internet securely and freely. A VPN hides your IP address by encrypting your data and routing it through remote servers, keeping your activity, your identity and your location private even if you don’t have any level of technical experience.

HideIPVPN is a popular VPN service provider that is coupled with Smart DNS. Obtain the IP address of the DNS server to be used in the configuration from your smart DNS service provider. Configuring Smart DNS Server on Samsung Smart TV. To configure the smart DNS server on your Samsung Smart TV, take the following step by step procedure. Turn on the power of the Samsung smartTV. HideIPVPN can be used in up to 3 devices on the same account at the same time. HideIPVPN also includes a web proxy service. HideIPVPN also offers a Smart DNS service, which allows users to unblock popular geolocated websites such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more. HideIPVPN Smart DNS HideIPVPN is a VPN service that also offers a paid SmartDNS service. This service lets you unblock most US, UK and Poland based geo-restricted services by configuring your DNS settings. it supports direct setup on almost any device, including PC, Mac, Smart TV, game console, smartphone, tablet and more. Their Smart DNS service operates alongside the main product, using similar technology, albeit without some of the more advanced security features, such as encryption and IP address changes. However, it does not experience the same speed restrictions, is easier to setup and is better suited for dealing with streaming video content. Hideipvpn Smart Dns, Vpn Mit Ip Sec, Nordvpn Vs Trend, Appli Blue Vpn

HideIPVPN understands that you want to test the performance of their service before you decide to pay for it. Thus, they are offering everyone a 7 day free trial. Signing up for their free trial is easy to do. From their homepage, click on “Smart DNS” in the site main menu.

Protect your identity, data and privacy. Hide your IP address! Our VPN service provides you with best in class safety features. Use best VPN protocols, with best VPN encryption levels to make sure that no one, nowhere can look into data you send or receive. To make sure that your IP address stays hidden, always! Our VPN will protect you and your device in any GSM/3G/LTE mode and especially HideIPVPN is a combination Smart DNS and VPN service which claims to offer 'blazing fast speed' and the 'highest level security' for a fair price.. The VPN gives you access to a modest 29

In our opinion, the smart DNS is an especially good choice to try, as you will have a good amount of time to scavenge through your beloved programs. 24-Hour Free VPN Trial Account Get a free HideIPVPN trial account to test out all of the provider’s protocols on servers in all of the countries in HideIPVPN’s server network.

Unlike VPN Smart DNS is not creating any delays in connection as only some parts of the traffic are routed via SmartDNS servers. Users have to remember that although SmartDNS service is perfect for media streaming (you can check what sites are currently unlocked at provides site “Premium SmartDNS”) they will not hide users IP or allow for