BBC and national TV category: see glossary! All but one of these rates are set down in a house agreement between the NUJ and the BBC, which runs until 31 July 2019. The exception is the * starred rate which is based on freelance reports. The terms of art for kinds of work in national TV are explained in the glossary.

General election 2019: How much tax do British - BBC News Nov 19, 2019 BBC wants you to pay TV licence fee even if you don’t own Apr 04, 2014 BBC Suggests Broadband ISP Levy to Replace UK TV Licence The BBC has given its response to the UK Government’s (DCMS) consultation on their proposal to decriminalise TV licence fee evasion, which among other things includes a suggestion that the fee could be replaced by a levy or tax on consumer broadband bills. But they are not “advocating” for that, yet. At present a colour TV licence costs £157.50 per year (up £3 on the previous fee) and Time to abolish the monstrous poll tax of the BBC licence fee

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BBC Licence Fee Could Be Replaced with Internet Tax Apr 02, 2020

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How can I legally avoid paying a TV licence fee Feb 21, 2019 Television licence - Wikipedia The BBC claims that "television detector vans" are employed by TV Licensing in the UK, although these claims are unverified by any independent source. An effort to compel the BBC to release key information about the television detection vans (and possible handheld equivalents) based on the Freedom of Information Act was rejected.