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Base DN: Enter the Distinguished Name from the Base object. In most cases this will be the domain components (dc) of the Distinguished Name. For example, the Base DN for would be "dc=processmaker,dc=com". For more information on constructing DN chains, see this LDAP guide.

If a search DN is not provided, then all Guacamole users must be direct descendents of this base DN, as the base DN will be appended to the username to derive the user's DN. For example, if ldap-user-base-dn is "ou=people,dc=example,dc=net", and ldap-username-attribute is "uid", then a person attempting to login as "user" would be mapped to the LDAP Authentication | Grafana Labs LDAP distinguished name (DN) of LDAP group. If you want to match all If you do not use group_search_base_dns, then the previously defined search_base_dns is used. Active Directory example: Active Directory groups store the Distinguished Names (DNs) of members, so your filter will need to know the DN for the user based only on the submitted Configuring LDAP Servers for AAA - Cisco † LDAP Base DN defines where in the LDAP hierarchy that the server should begin searching for user information when it receives an authorization request from the ASA. † Search Scope defines the extent of the search in the LDAP hierarchy. The search proceeds this many levels in the hierarchy below the LDAP Base DN.